Delivery Information



    1.            The Customer is entitled to renouncement and replacement without having to provide any justification within 14 (fourteen) days from delivery of the Product or Products to the Delivery Address specified in this Contract.

    2.            For exercise of the renouncement right, notice must be served on the SELLER by telephone or e-mail within the time limit of 14 (fourteen) days and the Product or Products intended to be returned must be in an unused condition allowing the SELLER to put them on sale again subject to the provisions of Article 6 of this Contract. In case of the exercise of the renouncement right: the Product or Products must be delivered to the SELLER in a complete and undamaged condition with:

    i.           The invoice of the Product or Products delivered to the Customer’s Delivery Address specified in this Contract (in cases where the invoice of the Product or Products intended to be returned is corporate, products must be sent with the return invoice issued by the relevant entity upon return. Order returns for invoices that are issued to any corporate bodies may not be processed IF NO RETURN INVOICE IS ISSUED),
    ii.         Return Form,
    iii.       Box(es), packages or Standard accessories, if any, of the Product or Products.

      3.      The sum of the Product or Products is returned to Customer within 10 (ten) business days from receipt of the items listed in Article 5.2 by the SELLER.

      4.            Any transport costs of the Product or Products returned in the prescribed time limit for any reasons including costs of shipment to the Customer shall be met by the SELLER. UPS Cargo should be use for renouncement and replacement. In case of replacement, transport costs for initial replacement shall be met by the SELLER; in cases where the same product is replaced twice, costs of the second replacement shall be met by the Customer.

      5.            Upon return of the Product or Products to the SELLER, the original invoice submitted to the Customer during delivery must also be returned to the SELLER and no return request may be processed unless the invoice is sent back with the Product or Products or individually sent to the SELLER within 5 (five) days from shipment of the Product or Products; in this case, the Product or Products shall be sent back to the Customer against payment upon delivery.

      6.            The phrase, “return invoice” shall be written and signed by the Customer on the invoice to be returned.




        Renouncement right may not be exercised for products not considered appropriate to be returned in terms of health and hygiene as far as goods on which protective elements such as packaging, tapes, seals and packages are opened after delivery are concerned.